Camo Wedding Rings – Wholesale

Did you know “camo wedding ring” is searched 12,000+ times each month in the USA? Did you know there are 14 million licensed hunters in the USA that LOVE camouflage??

Tap into this market and BUY CAMO WEDDING RINGS!  We manufacture the ORIGINAL womens/mens, camo print, 8mm wide wedding bands!!

Style #GP8C100T

-Our 8mm wide, Camouflage Wedding Bands are made of strong TITANIUM (just what space shuttles are made out of)!!!

-First $99 retail price point Men’s Camo Band!

-Our Camo Rings launched our ETSY page to instant TOP SELLER status!

-Online eCommerce stores love that we offer drop shipping!

-Retail jewelry stores said these camo wedding bands can’t stay in stock, plus they love the amazing profit they can make with our near cost wholesale pricing!

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**camo dip pattern varies slightly on each ring**